Sunday, April 8, 2018

Return for 2018

It has been three years since I've last updated this blog, and ~5 years since I've regularly posted content.  I've stayed up to date on what's been happening on the MBA scene and now is great time to revisit the current state of the MBA degree in Canada. 

A lot has changed over the past few years.  Unsurprisingly, tuition levels have continued to rise.  For some of the best known programs in Canada, tuition is now $100,000+ for international students and getting close (or over $100k at Rotman) for Canadian students.  Canada has become an increasingly popular study destination for International students, attracting more and more students who would traditionally looked at British or American schools.  There has been a big increase in flexible MBA programs, specialized Master's degrees and programs shifting towards shorter and shorter completion times (roughly 1/3rd of full-time MBA programs in Canada can be completed in one-year). 

There has also been a big change in the overall ranking of Canadian MBA programs globally.  The Financial Times has seen a large number of Chinese and Indian programs enter the rankings (and rank quite highly), pushing Canadian programs further down the top 100 lists.  I'll go into this in more detail in a future post, but the biggest factor affecting Canadian schools in the rankings has been alumni salary. 

With all the changes over the past few years, I feel like now is a great time to revisit this site.  What hasn't changed in the past few years is my technical web skills.  So I'm looking forward to not only going over what's been happening on the Canadian MBA scene, but broadening my own web skill set (and possibly moving over to Wordpress). 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ryerson MBA - Ted Rogers School of Management

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Program Options: Full-Time, Part-Time
Program Length: 1-year (Full-Time), 2+ years (Part-Time)
Accreditation: AACSB, 
Tuition and Fees: $19,403 - $27,392 (Canadian), $30,141 - $43,536 (International)
Notable Rankings: 10th (Canadian Business)
GMAT: Required
Specializations: Mining & CSR, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Retail and Commercial Real Estate Development, Information Systems Management, Media Management, Supply Chain Management
School Website:

Located in Downtown Toronto, Ryerson offers two MBA degrees - the Global MBA and the MBA in  the Management of Technology and Innovation.  Through these two degrees, there are a variety of specializations.  The tuition amounts vary as all students will need to complete at least 11 courses.  Students without business education could be required to complete an additional 5 foundational courses.  The class size is relatively small, with ~70 students entering the Full-Time program and ~55 students entering the Part-Time program in 2014.

Employment Summary

3-Month Placement Rate: N/A
Average Salary: $85,000
Average Salary Increase: 35%

Ryerson doesn't release very detailed career statistics.  The fact that they do track some numbers but don't release the 3-month placement rate would lead me to believe it is below 80%, and possibly well below.  The average salary listed is quite good and in line with what one would expect for a program based in Toronto.


A one-year program based in Toronto with tuition less than half of the other Toronto based schools makes Ryerson a very interesting option.  They don't have the reputation or career services of the better known schools, but for individuals with strong professional experience Ryerson offers an accredited program in Toronto that let's you stay connected and keeps your student loans down.  Without the experience, I'd encourage anyone considering Ryerson to connect with alumni and see what the true placement rate is like.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Queen's MBA

Location: Kingston, Ontario
Program Options: Full-Time, Part-Time (Accelerated)
Program Length: 1-year (Full-Time), 1-year (Part-Time Accelerated)
Accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS
Tuition and Fees: $77,000 (Canadian), $87,000 (International)
Notable Rankings: 1st in Canada (Canadian Business), 10th Internationally (BusinessWeek),  86th Globally (Financial Times)
GMAT: Required
Specializations: Consulting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, Health Care Management, Marketing & Sales
School Website:

Queen's offers two MBA programs, along with their Executive MBA offerings.  Their Full-Time MBA program is offered in Kingston, Ontario every January and is one-year in length.  In addition, Queen's also offers an Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates that is a distance/residency program.  Also one-year in length, this option is offered in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Ottawa, and Montreal - with the residency portions at Queen's campus in Kingston.  Kingston is ~2.5 hours from Toronto.

Employment Summary

6-Month Placement Rate: 94%
Average Salary: $82,465
Average Salary Increase: N/A

Queen's only lists their 6-month placement rate, which at 94% is quite good.  The average salary of ~$82,500 is also good, although slightly below the level's of other high-priced Canadian programs.  54% of graduates end up in either Consulting or Financial Services roles, which are the two most common areas of MBA graduates.  Queen's places a majority of their graduates in Toronto, with other Canadian placement locations including Calgary, Ottawa, Ft. McMurray and Vancouver.


As far as one-year MBA programs in Canada go, Queen's is one of the schools with the strongest reputation.  For those interested in Finance or Consulting, and with relevant experience, you'd do very well with the full-time program at Queen's.  Although, as it is a one-year program and 2.5 hours away from Toronto, things could get very hectic balancing school work and recruiting/networking trips away from Kingston.  For the Accelerated MBA, this is a good option for anyone looking to continue to work full-time and who already holds a Bachelors degree in Business.  However, depending on where you live, you may have a very small cohort to complete the program with and may not have the ability to grow a professional network that will help you out locally.