Sunday, September 19, 2010

Accelerated MBA Options

Accelerated MBA Programs

A number of schools offer accelerated MBA programs for students who have already completed a business undergraduate degree. While the specific options at each school differ, they do offer a good opportunity for business grads to get their MBA without having to cover material they have already completed.


The Queen’s Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates is offered in most major cities across Canada. The program involves 4 weeks of on-campus instruction at Queen’s (approximately 50% of the degree instruction time) and video conference sessions from your home city (accounting for the other 50% of the degree instruction time). The video conference sessions are held every 2nd Sunday and Monday during the year.

The program is completed in 12 months and allows students to earn their MBA while continuing to work full-time. The nature of the Accelerated MBA program means all students follow the same curriculum. The total cost for the one-year program is $67,000 CDN.


The FastTrack MBA for Business Graduates is a fairly new program introduced at Alberta. The program can be completed full-time in 10 months, or in 22 months part-time. All classes are delivered at the University of Alberta. The curriculum includes 5 required courses (one of which is an international study tour) and 7 elective courses. Students take courses within the normal full-time MBA program and are able to interact with individuals from many different backgrounds.

The total cost for the program, including the international study tour, is approximately $20,000 CDN.


Ivey’s accelerated MBA program is only open to students who have graduated from the Ivey HBA program within the last 6 years. . The program is completed in 8 months at Ivey and allows students to choose their own electives.

The total cost for the program is $38,500 CDN.


Schulich offers credit for up to half of their required MBA courses. While each case is reviewed individually, the accelerated MBA can be completed in as few as 8 months. Students would essentially enter the Schulich MBA in the 2nd year of the program.

Two term domestic tuition at Schulich is approximately $25,700 CDN.


Similar to Schulich, the McMaster MBA can be completed in 8 months full-time. Courses are held at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster. Students admitted to the accelerated program would join the 2nd year of the DeGroote MBA.

The total tuition for the Accelerated MBA is approximately $13,000 CDN.


McGill’s accelerated MBA offers students the change to complete 45-credits as opposed to the 51-required of Full-time MBA students. Essentially, students in the accelerated option would not be required to the complete the internship/practicum that full-time MBA students. McGill accelerated students would need to complete the same core courses as the full-time MBA students. The accelerated MBA could be completed in 16 months.

Tuition at McGill is $32,500 per year, so the accelerated MBA would be approximately $48,000 CDN.


The Concordia accelerated MBA allows students to complete 45 credits as opposed to the 57 required of full-time students. As such, the accelerated MBA can be finished in one year of full-time study. As with most accelerated programs, students would join classes in the 2nd year of the regular MBA program.

For Quebec residents, the accelerated MBA is approximately $9,000 CDN. For Canadian citizens, the cost rises to $14,000 CDN.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Women and the MBA

Women pursue their MBA for the same reasons as men:
  • Advancing or changing their careers
  • Increasing their earning power
  • Building their networks, etc.
However, the challenges facing women differ. Typically, business schools are dominated my men, both in terms of students and faculty. It's a similar story in the business world, where men tend to dominate in the most high profile positions. A number of studies also show that women MBA's tend to make less further on in life than their male counterparts (although part of this is explained by women seeking more work life balance).

Women in MBA Programs
In Canada, the number of women entering full-time MBA programs hasn't changed substantially in a number of years. The table below looks at the percentage of women enrolled in some of the top MBA programs in Canada:

As you can see, the highest percentage of female students is only 35% (and the average is just over 30%). Compared to undergraduate degrees at University, where women outnumber men, the low female representation is somewhat surprising.

Resources for Female MBA Students
There are a number of separate organizations dedicated to helping women overcome some of the obstacles they face in pursuing an MBA and in advancing their careers after the degree. Two of the largest are the Forte Foundation and the National Association for Women MBA's (both US based). The success and struggles of women MBA's have also been written about most major business magazines and newspapers, including Forbes and the Financial Post.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ivey MBA Financial Times Ranking 2010

The Financial Times Rankings are published every year. On their own, each year's ranking can only tell you so much about a school. To get a good sense of the schools overall trajectory, it's a good idea to examine their rankings over the past number of years.

Ivey MBA Financial Times Ranking

The first Canadian MBA program we'll look at is the University of Western Ontario - Ivey MBA program. From the start of the FT rankings, Ivey has fallen from its initial starting point in the top quartile of the rankings down into the bottom of the top 50. This is more a reflection of the growth of international programs as the other top Canadian schools have met a similar fate.

Ivey MBA - Graduate Salary

Ivey continues to fare very well on graduate salaries, especially compared to the other Canadian schools on the FT list. Salaries are consistently at or above the $100,000 US mark for alumni 3 years after graduation. Outside of Rotman (Toronto), the other Canadian schools on the FT rankings all fall in the mid to low $80,000's in terms of graduate salary.

Ivey MBA - Career Progress Ra

When the FT rankings first came out, Ivey ranked middle of the pack in terms of Career Progress. Currently, they have fallen to 76th overall. The overall success of the Ivey MBA is part of the reason why they have fallen in terms of career progress. Career progress is calculated in part on changes in level of seniority and in size of the organization that alumni work for pre and post-MBA. As a leading MBA program in Canada, Ivey is likely to attract students that are already fairly successful, working at larger organizations, and looking to get ahead. To help put this in perspective, Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) one of the best known business schools and one that is consistently ranked at the very top of the Financial Times rankings is 41st in terms of career progress.